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  • Metaverse Universe update Q2 2023Metaversed
    There are currently 154 virtual worlds either live or in development (an increase of 5 from Q1 2023) and a total MAU count of 520m. You can read more about our analysis of Metaverse MAUs in this post. The segment with the highest number of MAUs is the Web2 cohort for virtual worlds accessed via app or browser and is shown below. This is currently the most attractive market for brands wishing to enter the Metaverse market. Clearly, this sector is heavily led by Roblox, Fortnight and Minecraft, supported by other platforms such as Avakin Life.

  • Tim Sweeney explains how the metaverse might actually workThe Verge
    One of the trends we’ve seen happen with every bulletin board, with every message board, and with every social network over time, has been more and more people figure out how to exploit the rules to get their negative messages out there. How every subreddit turned into politics, for example, was one of the unfortunate stories of Reddit. It doesn’t have to be that way. Not every ecosystem has to be a place for world discourse. Just you and your friends together is a much more enjoyable experience, always.

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