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  • A completely non-technical explanation of AI and deep learning – Parand

    You hire 50 more people, have them give their guesses to the 10 people that report to you. You’re now very removed from looking at the spreadsheets – instead you rely on the patterns found by the first layer of the people, who give their opinions to the second layer of the people, who then inform you. Everybody passes the slaps and rewards down the line based on how much each earlier person’s guess contributed to their guess. It takes even longer, but eventually the system starts working. You’re much more accurate in identifying when it’s a cat.

  • AI will soon become impossible for humans to comprehend – the story of neural networks tells us whyThe Conversation
    There is a long-held pursuit of the unexplainable. The more opaque, the more authentic and advanced the system is thought to be. It is not just about the systems becoming more complex or the control of intellectual property limiting access (although these are part of it). It is instead to say that the ethos driving them has a particular and embedded interest in “unknowability”. The mystery is even coded into the very form and discourse of the neural network. They come with deeply piled layers – hence the phrase deep learning – and within those depths are the even more mysterious sounding “hidden layers”. The mysteries of these systems are deep below the surface.

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