I’ve started an art gallery, one of the smallest of the many art galleries and museums in Second Life. Currently, it’s displaying the work of some visionary Victorians — what they got uncannily right, and what they got very wrong.

Remembering cybercafés

To go along with my blog post about the past, present and future of cybercafés, I thought I’d make one of my own. There’s something about their optimism for a technological future now seen as old fashioned that I find really interesting.

Notes on the CDS

I first came across the Confederation of Democratic Simulators in July 2021, a full 17 years after the project started. Better late than never? As I note in my blog post about the CDS, owning land confers citizenship, with the right to vote and run for office. I’ve been a Representative Assembly member for a couple of terms and I’m currently helping to refresh their website. Here are some photos of the region.

SL Book Club

For a while now, I’ve been attending some of the weekly Second Life Book Club events. Here are my photos of the authors and audiences.

Miscellaneous Details

And here are my contributions to the Miscellaneous Details blog.