Our estate consists of six regions, loosely based on Germanic, Tuscan, Alpine, and Mediterranean themes, representing different historical periods. We are inclusive, diverse and multinational. Our common language is English, although other languages are spoken among our citizens.

Locus Amoenus


Alpine Meadow


We have a diverse selection of parcels to choose from in the six regions. If you want to set up a small home just to ‘test’ if you like it in our community, there are parcels available for as little as $1/US a month. If a sprawling mansion is more your speed, there are large rural parcels available within our beautifully landscaped regions that might just suit.

Care is taken with architectural and environmental details to maintain a level of consistency with the agreed upon region theme. We have a general covenant that applies to all CDS regions, as well as region-specific covenants. These keep the regions’ themes intact and create a contiguous continent that is pleasant to travel around in, with spectacular views and many public spaces for the use of citizens.

Just ask any one of our Estate Managers for assistance in finding the parcel that fits your needs. We are always happy to help.

  • General CDS Covenants
  • General Master Plan
  • Land Use Commission
  • Artisan Guild
  • Art in the Schloss
  • Kirche
  • Museum of Contemporary Art