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All branches of the government are bound to serve the public before themselves and to uphold the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, Founding Philosophy, Constitution, local laws, the Second Life Terms of Service and community standards without exception. All members of the government must be CDS citizens in good standing.

Article I: The Representative Branch

1 The Representative Assembly

(a) The Representative Assembly is a body of democratically elected legislators which represents the views of the citizens of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS). Its governmental role is to pass laws and its service role is to promote the city and perform long-term planning.

2 The Representative Assembly Body

(a) Representative seats are chosen by popular election, from among those candidates who qualify under the rules set forth here. Any citizen in good standing who is eligible to vote, at the time of nomination, may become a candidate by declaring themselves by a message to the Chair of the Scientific Council, within the time set by the Scientific Council for such nominations.

(b) The number of representative seats in the Representative Assembly is equal to five.