NL 5-6: Estate Owner Act

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  • Preamble
  • Requirements for the Office of EO
  • Contingency Planning


An Estate Owner (EO) is a role defined both by Linden Lab (LL) and by the system of governance of the regions comprising CDS.

In CDS, the EO receives the funds needed to satisfy the required monthly subscription fee to LL. In addition, the EO must duly execute actions within their sole ability to perform, resulting from decisions of the various authorized entities of the governing system. These are primarily actions required to be performed on the “Estate” menu. Many of these duties can be delegated to various Estate Managers. Paying the monthly fee cannot be delegated.

Requirements for the Office of EO

To ensure the performance of these necessary functions, the following is required for the Office of EO.

  1. The Office of EO must comprise of at least one RL person and at most two RL persons, functioning as the Estate Owner through the EO avatar.
  2. The RL person(s), in the form of their principal avatar (The EO), shall be a citizen of a region within the CDS.
  3. The EO shall be appointed by a 2/3 vote of the individual members of government. Each sitting member of the SC and the RA, as well as the Chancellor, is entitled to one vote.
  4. The RL person(s) must use an alternate avatar dedicated to the sole purpose of CDS Estate Owner (EO avatar); that is, one different from their primary SL persona avatar. This EO avatar shall technically be the CDS bank account. All funds of the EO avatar are and shall remain the property of CDS.
  5. The RL person(s) controlling the EO avatar shall serve for life, or until they resign, or until they are removed for cause by a 2/3 vote of the individual members of government. Each sitting member of the SC and the RA, as well as the Chancellor, is entitled to one vote.
  6. The RL person(s) shall be replaced for any of these reasons only with a three month transition period to allow for transfer of ownership. The position may never be vacant.
  7. The EO shall designate funds each month to pay monthly LL fees in a timely fashion. Each month, the EO will report all receipts and disbursements, as well as the balance of their account to the Treasurer to allow them to perform their bookkeeper duties.
  8. Upon the direction of the Chancellor, the EO will appoint Estate Managers to carry out land management responsibilities.
  9. As required, the EO will receive instructions from the duly constituted authorities of CDS governance to perform necessary actions.
  10. The EO will receive no compensation for the office. In addition, the RL person(s) controlling the EO avatar will be prohibited from holding any elected or appointed office in CDS government, unless a waiver might be granted, on a case by case basis, by the SC. The only compensation provided will be the ceremonial title “Owner of the Estate”.

Contingency Planning

  1. The Estate Owner shall create a written contingency plan to be enacted in the event of an unanticipated or unexplained absence of the RL person(s) controlling Estate Owner avatar.
  2. This plan will be reviewed at the beginning of each Term of government and revised as appropriate.
  3. The contingency must include current contact information for at least two individuals, entrusted by the Estate Owner with all necessary information to make RL contact with the Estate Owner and to facilitate an orderly transition to a successor EO.
  4. The active contingency plan shall be shared with at least these two designated individuals, as well as the Dean of the SC.
  5. In the event of a suspected emergency where the EO is unable to be reached for 30 days, the Dean may activate the Contingency Plan.
  6. The Dean shall call a meeting of the SC, the RA, and the Chancellor to meet within ten (10) days of activating the Contingency Plan to appoint a successor EO.

Passed 14 September 2006
Amended 16 September 2006
Updated by the 32nd RA, April 21, 2020