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The Chancellor is the chief of the executive branch, and is neither a member of the Representative Assembly nor of the Scientific Council. The Chancellor is directly elected by the CDS citizens every six months. Most of the executive functions, especially financial matters, are concentrated in this role.

Every Chancellor inherits an executive team:

  • Estate Managers
  • Treasurer (Sudane/Rudeen)
  • Estate Owner (Rudeen; an Alternate account controlled by Sudane)
  • Public Information Officer
  • CDSArchive Resident – aka ‘Archie’ (an Alternate account holding public objects like historical buildings, trees, Intans and so on).

Estate Managers

Estate managers are civil servants appointed by the Chancellor. They are experienced and skilled citizens who have full power over the estate tools. Banning griefers, region restarts, terraforming and managing land are only a few of their powers. Some but not all Estate Managers are also assigned to manage the rental website.

Estate Managers are normally the first people who contact new citizens and there are several information points within CDS where a citizen can reach out for Estate Managers in case help is needed.

Public Information Officers

The Public Information Officers, also assigned by the Chancellor, organise events and run public relations. Some Chancellors assign them the role of Vice Chancellor, not to replace them if they resign or are impeached, but to act in their temporary absence.


  • Current and Former Chancellors
  • Financial Reports
  • CDS Flag and Shield Usage Guidelines


  • Executive Branch Announcements Forum