CDS is a real, working democracy, not a roleplay estate. We have a Constitution, a Code of Laws and three branches of government.

  • The Chancellor and their team as executive power
  • The Representative Assembly as legislative power
  • The Scientific Council as a check and balance to the other branches of government, tasked with ensuring that the Constitution, Laws, Community Standards and Human Rights are upheld.

All branches of the government are bound to serve the public before themselves and to uphold the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, founding philosophy, Constitution, local laws, the Second Life Terms of Service and community standards without exception.

Citizens vote in regularly scheduled elections as well as run for the elected offices. Our government meetings and events are open to both citizens and visitors.


Advisory Bodies

  • Land Use Commission


  • Art in the Schloss
  • Artisan Guild
  • Kirche
  • Museum of Contemporary Art

Further Info

  • Financial Reports