Why you should consider hanging AI art in your home – How-To Geek

Most of the art people put in their homes are mass-produced prints of well-known works, or low-cost decorative art pieces that you’d buy at decor megastores. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it does mean that we decorate our homes with artwork anyone can have. With AI-generated art, what you hang in your home is a totally unique piece. At least, the odds of someone else generating exactly the same piece is so astronomically small it may as well be impossible. […]

Commissioning personalized artwork from human artists is still reserved for relatively wealthy members of society. Artists don’t come cheap, and putting unique, original art in your home is a long and expensive process. Human artists are also in short supply, so finding someone who can create the piece you’re looking for can be a challenge even if you have the budget.