Futureverse combines eight companies in effort to create user-controlled metaverse – Forbes

“Most metaverse companies are simply building a game but calling it the metaverse,” [Aaron McDonald, co-founder] tells Forbes by email. “We truly believe no one can build ‘A’ metaverse, there is only ‘The’ metaverse—the collection of user-owned interoperable identity, data and content that can be used in a whole universe of applications.” … Futureverse has its own blockchain, the Root Network, in line with the philosophy that a—or the—metaverse requires distributed-ledger technology to achieve interoperability among different systems. […]

Non-Fungible Labs announced in June that it was establishing Futureverse Foundation, a charitable organization advised by the artist Alexandra Grant and her friend Keanu Reeves, the actor. The organization plans to provide grants to ”underrepresented artists, creatives, and communities in order to build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces—in both the metaverse and real world,” according to a press release last week that announced the eight-company rollup.